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Home Loan

For more than twenty-five years home buyers trust Canadia Bank to help them purchase their home or renovate and improve their existing home. As Cambodia’s largest and longest-serving local bank, customers choose Canadia Bank for their home loans.

Canadia Bank Home Loans help customers:

  • Purchase their new home
  • Refinance an existing home loan from another bank
  • Complete home improvements and renovations
  • Build and construct a home
  • Purchase an automobile
  •  Purchase home furnishings
  • Get an education, go travel, have your wedding, and other personal consumptions

Product Features

  • Term Loan is up to 25 years
  • No fee charged on a collateral evaluation
  • Simple conditions and fast approval
  • Soft or hard titles accepted as property collateral
  • Refinance an existing home loan from another bank 
  • More than one source of income allowed
  • Sources of income include salary, dividend, rental fee, fixed deposit interest, business income, and so on.

Canadia Bank Cooperative Projects:

  • Rung Reung City
  • Kien Svay Plaza City
  • Elysee
  • Elite Town
  • The Olympia City
  • Casa Meridian
  • Diamond Twin Tower
  • The Mekong Royal
  • Orkide Villa 3 (The Botanic City)
  • Borey New Hope

If you wish to know more about how much you can afford to borrow, how much the payments will be, or how long it will take to pay off the loan, please. Click Here.