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Easy one account transfer money

Easy One

EASY ONE Account is specifically designed for Cambodia Workers in the Republic of Korea to transfer their money to family members or relatives in Cambodia.

Why do you need EASY ONE Account for your remittance service? Because EASY ONE Account provides you many benefits as below:

  1. Best remittance system for Cambodia Workers in the Republic of Korea:
    • Fast: it takes less than a day for your family members or relatives to receive the remitted money. (Except weekends or public holidays in Cambodia)
    • Fair Price: Only 18 US$ per transaction. (Including both Cambodian and Korean Fee)
    • Convenient: We have Cambodian standby staff in Korea to help you in your Easy ONE Account application or other personal issues upon your arrival in Korea. Or, you can open your Easy One Account at any nearest Canadia Bank branches (CNB) before you leave Cambodia.
    • Amount per Remittance: up to 50,000 US$
  2. Deposit only 1 US $ for opening account; you will receive EASY ONE Account Passbook and ATM card with a free service fee for the first year.
  3. Your family members or relatives (subject to a Power of Attorney) can withdraw money that you remitted at any nearest Canadia Bank branches (CNB) or ATMs throughout Cambodia. Without any extra charged once your transaction is completed.

For further information, please call:

  • In Cambodia Office: 023 868 222 / 023 88 33 00 / 023 88 35 00
  • Mobile: 071 3333 406 / 086 25 85 65
  • In Korea Mobile: 010 211 51 716