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Private Banking

Private Banking is about much more than traditional banking service of deposits and loans. It is about providing the personal one-to-one service that is essential after a certain level of wealth. It is about finding creative solutions to complicated situations to help affluent individuals and corporations manage their wealth today, and develop new sources of wealth for future generations.

From cash deposit and withdrawal service to specialist advice on investment for the future, Canadia Bank’s Private Banking offers a comprehensive menu of sophisticated products and services that cater for the particular financial needs of a wealthy client. Our approach is to take a complete view of your wealth. Your Relationship Executive will help you identify your wealth goals and develop personalized strategies to help you achieve them.

We can help you to:

Manage your wealth

Private Banking is about building relationships. We believe in providing a service that is personal and personalized. We begin by understanding your individual financial needs, and endeavor to find the best solutions to fit your inevitably unique situations.

Develop and protect your wealth for the future

It is as important to manage your wealth today, as it is to plan for tomorrow, and for the generations that follow you. With one of the largest trust businesses and a global network, Private Banking strongly believes in securing the financial future of you and your family, and in finding new sources of wealth most appropriate to your needs and interests.

Manage the impacts of wealth

Wealth can present unique lifestyle situations. Whether you are buying new homes, investing in art or even relocating overseas, a relationship with Private Banking of Canadia Bank opens up a range of specialist services to you, your family and your business. Most importantly, we understand that your needs are different, as will be the solutions we offer. If you are looking for services of Private Banking, find out more about our services, or please contact us at:

Private Banking
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