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Bank draft

Bank Draft

Bank Draft is a settlement tool Canadia Bank Plc. issues to customers for their specific amount withdrawals from bank's account with its intermediaries or other banks abroad. Generally, Bank Draft is used as a secure tool for settlements in foreign countries.

Special Features

  • Bank Draft issued by Canadia Bank is payable to settle abroad. Our customers can use it to withdraw cash or deposit to their accounts;
  • Canadia Bank Plc. can issue the Bank Draft to its customers if they have sufficient money (cash or account balance);
  • Bank Draft issued by Canadia Bank Plc. has validity up to 180 days from issued date;
  • Customers can request for amendment or cancellation of their Bank Draft by informing in writing to Canadia Bank before settlement;
  • If Bank Draft is damaged or lost before settlement, you must immediately notify in writing to Canadia Bank Plc. in order to ask for cancellation or use as a reference to request for new Bank Draft.


  • Lower risk in carrying large amount of cash to abroad;
  • Be efficient and high secure in settlement;
  • Gain opportunities to use other banking products and services.